Only 40 minutes from Sommarhagen is Vimmerby. Here you can visit the cultural centre of Astrid Lindgrens Näs, the place where Astrid Lindgren was born and grew up. Visit the exhibition ” Astrid Lindgren with the whole world” about the life and literary works of Astrid Lindgren and take a guided trip around Astrid’s childhood home. In the summer of 2014 a whole new entertainment park was opened with scenes from Astrid’s life and her stories. You will also find ”The country kitchen of Näs” where a regional menu based on local produce is served.

Carry on up to Sevedstorp in Pelarne, about 15 km west of Vimmerby, where the films of ”Bullerbyn” were recorded. The three small farms all in a row seem steeped out of Astrid’s books and there is no doubt where she had her source of inspiration for these stories. Once upon a time Astrid’s father Samuel August lived here. In the summer there is a gift shop and a handicraft shop here.

The trip carries on to ”Katthult” in the village of Gibberyd in Rumskulla, 25 km from Vimmerby town. Here the films about Emil were made. Take a look inside the woodshed "snickerboa", where Emil had to sit and contemplate his wrong doings and where he often made the time go by carving a wooden figure. During the summer months Katthultsboden sells Emil – caps and other souvenirs.

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