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Our packages include a 2-course menu from the Package Menu
(starter or dessert and main course).
If you wish to add 1 more course (= 3 courses)
is it good for an addition of SEK 125

It is also possible to upgrade to ours Gourmet Menu

Smoked ostrich from Östergötland

The smoked ostrich comes from Vikbolandet's ostrich farm.
To give it a mild taste, we have mixed it in
a creamy mixture of creme cheese with fresh apple cubes.
This is served with our own home-baked dark bread, filled with, among others,linseed, raisins, dried apricots.
The dish is served on a bed of baby spinach,
decorated with yellow and red pepper sticks
Wine suggestion:Pinot Grigio, Italien

Crispy crusted with herbed salmon

We have filled the crispy crust with herbed salmon from the local Sjöarp smokehouse.
It is topped with fresh lemon slices and rests on a bed of manche lettuce,
garnished with lemon slices and cherry tomatoes
Wine suggestion:Dreissigacker, Riesling, Organic, Tyskland
Mazet de Nizas, Sauvignon blanc/Viognier, Frankrike

Lace bowl with Brostorp farm white mold cheese

The lace bowl is lightly fried in oil and herbs and covered with a slice of
Brostorp's own white mold cheese, which is lightly melted over the bowl.
This is served with pickled mushrooms, oven-baked red pepper and chard salat.
A wonderfully tasty vegetarian dish!
Wine suggestion:Humo Blanco Chardonnay, Organic, Chile