Visist the beautiful old town of Gränna situated on the shores of Lake Vättern.

It all started in 1859 when the single mother Amalia Erikson had permission to start a sugar bakery in Gränna to make a living for herself and her daughter by making fine cakes and so called ”polka pig” candy rock. Now there are many opportunities to see the manufacturing of and to taste all the different types of “polka pigs”. Gränna is also famous for hot air balloons and the different expeditions of Andrés.

Don’t miss the chance to take the ferry over to the island Visingsö. The island offers most things you can wish for. Impressive historical landmarks, amazing natural beauty and lovely beaches. Take a ride around the island with its famous horse and carts, “the Remmalag”, and visit Kumlaby church where you can climb the winding old stair case up to the top. In the harbor there is the castle ruin of Visingsborg to discover, visit one of the restaurants or rent a bicycle to discover the island from on two wheels. In the oak forest you can follow one of the trails to discover the large oak and hear the wind in the trees. Visingsö has a lot to offer.

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