Chocolate pannacotta

For the chocolate lover, we have made a wonderful
combination of light and dark chocolate.
The delicious chocolate is topped with fresh
raspberries, blueberries and oat crunch.
A perfect completion of a perfect dinner!
Price: SEK 155

Blackberry framage

A very smooth and not so sweet dessert with
blackberries and a mascarpone cream.
The dessert is topped with fresh blackberries and wipped cream.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 125

Lingonberry Cheesecake

A "Swedish" variant of the popular cheesecake,
made with lingonberries from our forests.
A fresh completion of a delicious dinner!
Price: SEK 135

Black currant pie

A lovely pie made with the vitamin C-rich
and tasty blackcurrant berry.
It is complemented by the ice cream of the year
from nearby Sänkdalen farm: Cardamom ice cream.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 120

Truffle pralines from Örebro

Grand´s house of chocolate in Örebro produces handmade truffles.
Available in different flavors - choose one or taste several.
Perfect for coffee!
Price: SEK 35/ pc

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