To travel in the Sommen region is to move between waters. Here, in the borderlands between the counties of Småland and Östergötland, you are never far from glimmering lakes, enchanted forest meres and waterfalls. In the heart of it all is Lake Sommen.

In the Sommen area original forests are mixed with open living cultivated land. Well preserved old industrial sites, monastery ruins and thriving small towns creates an inspirational mix for all.

As a traveler here, make sure you have ample time to spare. In Sommen land you never know what might appear around the corner....

We can offer maps or suggestions of beautiful tours, where you can experience everything the area has to offer.
Walk, cycle, ride a motor bike or take the car for an exciting and variable tour.
Or why not book a trip on the steam boat that tours Lake Sommen – the old steam boat anchors at the steam boat jetty in Malexander Village.

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