In the heart of Sweden, approximately 2 hours from Stockholm, is the county of Östergötland. Far reaching planes, deep forests, sea and lakes are all ingredients creating this tasteful experience. The wild and varied nature creates the right conditions for an active vacation - or a total relaxation if that is what you are seeking. What we can definitely guarantee is that there are experiences enough to cover the whole year.

A large part of Sweden’s history was created in Östergötland, a legacy that is still alive today. During the middle ages the region around Vadstena, Söderköping and Skänninge was a political and religious power hot spot. In these towns you can still experience living history on the cobbled streets and in narrow alley ways.

At Sommarhagen you are close to it all. Make day trips to places of your choice and relax in calm, comfortable surroundings and good food in between.