Stay in a Floating hotel room by your own wilderness lake .
Fall asleep to the gurgling of the water, with the lake in front of you.
Listen to the silence and the rustle of the wind.
Take a morning dip in your own lake.

Treat yourself to a truly unique experience!

Combine a wilderness adventure with an overnight stay in a Floating hotel room,
with a luxurious hotel stay with an overnight stay
in our large superior double rooms.
Dinners in the restaurant with homemade dinners from local ingredients
and ending with a relaxing evening in the hot tub exclusively for yourself
as long as you want, when the sun goes down behind the treetops.

Nature experience combined with comfort!

You can either walk on cozy paths (2 - 4 h) or cycle on small forest roads without
traffic (13 km + 9 km) to and from your Floating hotel room.

You arrive at Hotell Sommarhagen the evening before your wilderness stay.
We go through all the information and maps together, before you settle down
in the restaurant, overlooking the beautiful garden.
After a good night's sleep in your spacious superior rooms,
you enjoy the breakfast buffet, before you start your hiking / biking.

Your floating hotel room is located on the shore of your own forest lake.
You walk here from hotel Sommarhagen - 2 -4 h on small paths through the magic forest.
Walk past small lakes, walk on historic paths, over a forest footbridge,
up slopes with fantastic viewpoints. Surrounded by rustling spruces,
pines and deciduous trees.
The population density in the area is only 2 pers / sqm,
so you only hear the wind in the trees and birds singing.
Maybe you will find blueberries, lingonberries or mushrooms on the way.

If you choose to cycle, you will enjoy small forest roads through the wilderness,
past a couple of different nature reserves. You also pass some lakes.

You do not need to carry any packing. We will arrange it for you.
Just enjoy your walk and discover the beautiful magic forest around you.

Your home for the night is located on the shores of a forest lake.
The raft is 24 sqm and the house is 10 sqm. There is a lovely bed, with mattress,
blanket and pillows and plaid as well as extra cushions, allows you to crawl up and
make it really cozy if the weather is not the best.

Or watch the sunrise over the lake. Maybe watch the fog rise above the water surface
in the evening, when the moon rises over the lake.

There is also a toilet and a small kitchenette with a gas hob.
In a cooler bag (powered via 12 V from a solar panel on the roof) we have put your food,
prepared so that it will be easy to prepare.
An extra 12V socket is also available, if you can not be without your mobile.
Next to the raft, lies your canoe, for your own explorations around the lake.
Land on a cliff or shoreline, take a dip.
Of course, life jackets are also included.

A few hundred meters away, through the forest or on a small forest road,
there is a cozy windshelter. It is located right on the shore of a (different) lake.

When your stay is over, you walk another way back (2 - 4 h) to Sommarhagen,
past lakes and through forest.

If you cycle back, the tour goes past several beautiful lakes. Stop at a viewing point,
with wonderful views of Lake Sommen and the small picturesque village of Malexander.
Why not take an extra turn to the beautiful village, visit the historic homestead
and the fine church. Or take a dip on the 'Sommen Riviera ' before returning to Sommarhagen?

Back at Sommarhagen, your lovely hotel room is waiting for you. Maybe you relax a while,
have a good drink or a shower before dinner is served in the restaurant.
After dinner, you crawl into the heated water and relax in your own hot tub
There you can enjoy the evening and the sunset for as long as you want.
Then your comfortable beds await - you never sleep so well, as after a relaxing wilderness experience!

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