Deer tenderloin with whiskey sauce

A delicious venison tenderloin, from Östergötland deer,
served with millipede potatoes and an exciting cream sauce flavored with whiskey.
Crispy sweet potato strips placed on a colorful salad are fresh accessories
and Hargodlarnas marmalade gives a perfect flavor combination.
Price: SEK 360
Wine suggestions: Barbera D'Alba, Italy

Ostrich from Vikbolandet

The delicious tender ostrich fillet from Vikbolandet's ostrich farm,
served here with a creamy potato muffin that contains Boxholm's own cheese.
This dish is served with a fresh puree with celeriac and apple
and red wine sauce. Crispy kale chips complete the taste.
Price: SEK 360
Wine suggestions: Bourgogne, Pinot Noir, France

Pikeperch with carrot muffins

To the mild-tasting pikeperch from Glan, we have added several
tasty and colorful accessories.
Carrot muffins seasoned with lemon, a spinach timbal with nutmeg,
fried fennel and beets seasoned with horseradish.
A creamy white wine sauce completes the dish.
A perfect combination both for the eye and the taste!
Price: SEK 350
Wine Suggestions: Wente Morning Fog, Chardonnay, USA

Hake with pea sauce

Oven-roasted hake is accompanied by a wine-tasting pea sauce,
boiled potatoes from Östergötland, green beans
and Hargodlarnas lemon marmalade.
A wonderfully fresh and light dish.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 215
Wine suggestions: Grau Riesling, organic, Germany

Sommarhagen's classic game minced beef

Our classic popular dish, made from minced wild boar,
is served with oven-baked potato halves on a salad bed.
The dish is complemented by turnip, parsnip and carrot
and a lingonberry-flavored sauce.
To pick up the lingonberry flavor from the sauce,the dish
is completed with lingonberry jam from Brunneby's farm.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 215
Wine suggestions: Cote du Rhone, Grenache / Syrah, France

Stuffed Portabello Mushroom

This is a perfect and tasty dish for anyone who prefers vegetarian.
The mushroom is filled with a tasty mixture of creme fraiche,
beans and Boxholm's own cheese.
This is completed with vegetables flavored with truffle oil.
A dish with the best forest and fields has to offer!
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 235
Wine suggestions: Bougogne, Pinot Noir, France

Homemade bread and butter are served with all main courses

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