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Perch from Lake Sommen

Directly from lake Sommen, our own fisherman has catched the perch.
It is lightly fried and served with a potato cake,
made with gratinated potatoes from Östergötland.
The creamy carrot sauce gives a soft taste and fresh colour.
Crispy kale chips and mini carrots make perfect accompaniments.
Price: SEK 365
Wine suggestion: Pinot Gris, France

Swedish Pheasant from the forests own Pantry.

The tender and mild flavour from the breast fillet of the pheasant
matches perfectly with the potato cake from Östergötland.
The juniper flavored sauce brings out the wild note.
Asparagus broccoli and a good cherry relish from nearby Harg farm
makes the perfect accessories.
Price: SEK 360
Wine suggestion: Valpolicella Classico, Italy

Deer fillet from Östergötland's forests

Deer fillet from Östergötland's forests and mushroom duchess
is together absolutely irresistibly tasteful.
Served with a rich red wine sauce and lightly grilled vegetables
such as paprika, broccoli and fennel.
To further enhance the flavour, the dish is complemented by
Harg farm homemade marmalade "Himla God".
Price: SEK 370
Wine suggestion: Celeste Crianza, Tempranillo, Spain

Lubb from the North Sea

Why not try the perhaps slightly unknown fish lubb?
It is served with boiled potatoes from Östergötland and
a fresh applesauce with small pieces of apple in it.
The dish is complemented with oven-baked tomato
and tasty sugar snap peas.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 235
Wine suggestion: Bourgogne Chardonnay, France

Sommarhagens classic Game Minced Beef

This homemade classic dish is very popular among our guests.
This year, we serve it with oven-grilled sweet potatoes,
broccoli and cauliflower together with a tasty sauce with pink pepper.
Harg farm marmelade Gott & Salt completes the dish.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 240
Wine suggestion: Valpolicella Classico , Italy

Oven-grated aubergine

A lovely vegetarian dish consisting of aubergine
filled with Swedish oat rice, tomato and a little bit of onion.
The dish is topped with a creamy Boxholm cheese sauce and
served with a bean mix with creme fraiche and pickled red onion.
(included in our 2-course menus)
Price: SEK 225
Wine suggestion: Pinot Grigio , Italy

Homemade bread and butter are served with all main courses

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