• To be a part of our fantastic nature
  • To experience the silence in the forest or by a wilderness lake
  • To be a guest in the home of trees, plants and animals who welcomes you whoever you are, without any demands or stress
  • Decreases your health problems like blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and several other problems by just being there

  • So take your time to relax and enjoy all the gifts our nature gives you
  • Treat it like your best friend and be careful with it
  • Then it will remain for all the years to come and still give you all the wellbeing you need to cope with your daily life

In Hotel Sommarhagen, we live and act in cooperation with our surrounding nature. We see the work with sustainability as a natural part of our everyday life.

  • Sommarhagen is situated in the wilderness, in an area surrounded by forest and lakes in which you even can drink the water directly from the lake!
  • We have a dwell of our own (with this clean water!) and we have a special system to clean the water from our drain.
  • We heat up our hotel with environment friendly pellets from the forest.
  • We take care of most of our garbage
  • We wash our own laundry, letting it dry out in the open air
  • We have signs in all bathrooms, informing our guests to beware of the environment by only placing the laundry to be washed on the floor
  • Our food is made in our own kitchen, using local products as far as possible – some even from our own garden. We have local fisherman and the meat is mainly from the surrounding forest
  • We do not use portion packed food (not even butter)
  • Our guests come here to enjoy the nature, wilderness, silence by hiking, bicycling, canoeing, horseback riding in the forest. We have 250 km of trails and tracks of our own, starting and ending at Sommarhagen, so the use of any transportation is unnecessary. No transportation of luggage is needed either.
  • Bicycles and canoes for rental
  • We only have one TV in the saloon – not in all rooms – to save the electricity. (Free WiFi if needed)
  • Our lamps are low energy

We are working active in order to save the forest. We are always informing our guests to be careful with the surrounding nature, not leave any garbage behind.

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